makeup masterclass

Makeup is a powerful tool which can change the way you feel and improve your confidence, allowing you to look and feel your very best, or to express who you feel you truly are. If you feel stuck in a rut, lost in a world of thousands of confusing products or simply in need of a refresh, a 1 to 1 makeup lesson will help you with new ideas, tips and techniques, as well as new ways of using the products that you already have, all from the comfort of your own home.

With an unbiased opinion on what products are best for your requirements, Emily can offer you a fresh opinion on how to enhance your most beautiful features, how to boost your confidence and can show you how much fun makeup can really be.




All lessons are adaptable to your input and requirements and include a face chart with product recommendations, but lessons to choose from include:

Back To Basics - 90 mins |  £70

Getting right back to the basic principles of makeup application and complimentary colours for your skin tone and colouring, this lesson is a chance to learn how to choose the right foundation, how to apply simple eye and lip looks, as well as different textures and products for your skin type,

Contouring Masterclass - 90 mins | £70

It's the technique everyone wants to master, but uses application processes which can be tricky to get to grips with! Find out how to unlock the secrets of face shaping, highlighting and that Hollywood glam.

Vintage Starlet - 90 mins | £70

Whatever era of makeup takes your fancy, learn how to shine like a screen siren with the Vintage Starlet Class. From mysterious 1920's film noir, to 1950's bombshell, discover how to channel age old glam into your look.

Subtle Day to Smoky Night - 90 mins | £70

If your non-stop lifestyle demands you go from office to night out in a flash, this lesson will take you from a signature wearable every day look, to simple ways to take it to va va voom for the evening. A great lesson for those who want to cover natural and stronger looks.


Bridal Abroad / Wedding Overseas - 120 mins | £90

Getting married abroad but no idea where to start with doing your own bridal makeup? Wondering however you'll make it last in tropical climes? Together we will create an achievable, beautiful look for your wedding day and I'll show you all my techniques for longevity, as well as ensuring you have all the tools and techniques to feel super confident on the day.

Group Makeup Lessons | 2.5 - 3 hours

These include a 45min - 1 hour demonstration on a model (a member of the group, usually the host) and then the chance to partner up to practise elements of the look learnt under the guidance of Emily. You'll be provided with materials required, and you'll be given a fact sheet to take home detailing techniques and tips for the lesson. The above lessons can be adapted for this format (Bridal abroad is not included).

Groups of 2 | £55 pp*

Groups of 3 - 4 | £45 pp*

Groups of 5 - 7 | £35 pp*

Groups of 8 - 12 | £25 pp*

*travel charges may apply where applicable